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MASSAWA Chassestraat 4
Business Hours: 10:00 a 00:00, everyday.

Purple Haze, Amnesia Haze, Bleu Cheese, Edelwise, Northern Light, W.W. Cristal, White Widow, Gruis.
From € 4 to € 11 per gram.

Royal Primera, Primera, Twisla, Super Polm.
From € 7 to € 12 per gram. Sold By Weight.

Marijuana, Hase, Cocktail.
From € 3 to € 4 per unit.

They have a nice terrace facing south with a canal view, a precious spot in the sunny days of the spring. Decorated with a mix of American and Arabian objects, a jukebox watched closely by an icon of the humor world, Oliver Hardy. Arabian style lamps everywhere. The bar is round, gives a welcome feeling. They have smoking room with a big table surrounded by long sofas where the locals talk about their daily lives in the city, a touch of a multicultural neighborhood. The menu is divided in Sativa, Indica and Hash categories, some are classics strains difficult to find somewhere else. The staff is friendly and relaxed, no rush in this side of the city, far away from the tourist routes but still in the way to the West, easy to reach and close to other interesting sites like the Ten Katte street market. Free WI-FI.

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