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MISTER-K 2e Laurierdwarsstraat 44
Business Hours: 10:00 a 00:00, everyday.

Shoreline, Casey Jones, New York Diesel, Cheese, Kuchi, Amnesia, Power Plant, Thai, Outdoor Haze.
From € 5 to € 14 per gram.

Super Pollum Maroc, Zero Zero Maroc, King Hassan Maroc, Nepal, Afghaan, Dutchash, Isolator.
From € 6 to € 16 per gram. Sold in pre-packed bags.

Weed, Hash.
From € 3 to € 4 per unit.

Space Cake.
€ 5 per unit

The coffeeshop formerly known as Sanementereng has opened its doors again after 2 years of refurbishment of the whole building. Mister-K is the new name but still managed by the same staff behind the counter. The style remains. The bar and the dealer at the end. It’s divided in 3 floors, tiny ones. The upper floor has a big sofa plus a couple of tables and chairs to sit comfortable. Below there’s a watch out post, looking at the passing by strangers while tasting one of their specialities, exclusive menu. The staff is friendly and very, very relaxed, nice place to chill out.


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